Junior Vets & Inventor’s Workshop

1st – 2nd | DURHAM

Week 1:
Introduce your animal lover to the world of veterinary science! Throughout this fun-filled week we’ll meet some of the Museum’s resident creatures and learn how our Animal Care Specialists keep them healthy. We’ll dissect owl pellets, design enrichment toys, and discover why play is important in an animal’s life!

Week 2:
Perfect for young tinkerers who like to build, take things apart, and discover how stuff works! We’ll use real tools to take apart old toys and then repurpose the pieces to build creations of our own. Discover how simple materials can create strong structures, and experiment with contraptions that fly, flutter, and free-fall. If our inventions end up flops, we’ll re-design and try again!

Camper in stream


This is a 2-week session: July 1 – 12



Camp Tuition (General Public): $710
Camp Tuition (Member):

Beforecare (8 – 8:30 am): $20/week
Aftercare (3 – 5 pm): $45/week
Lunch: $50/week