Camp Scholarships

2024 Scholarship Application

Museum of Life and Science Summer Camp Values
1. To provide a lasting and meaningful connection to science as a way of understanding the world
2. To cultivate an inclusive, comfortable, and safe camp setting
3. To support campers in becoming better critical thinkers
4. To foster positive attitudes and camaraderie among campers

Museum of Life and Science camps provide opportunities for campers ages 4 to rising 8th grade to connect to topics of interest in an informal learning environment, free of the pressures of grades and written work.

Once again, the Museum is offering a limited number of scholarships for camps exploring topics including local ecology, tinkering and construction design, LEGO and programming, space exploration, and medicine and biology. Campers will construct models, design programmable rovers from LEGO, meet members of the Museum design team, launch chemically propelled rockets, learn uses for native plants, explore the local ecosystem, collect data about our wetlands, and develop code to alter the play experience of Minecraft.

In addition to the opportunity for low stakes, high-impact learning opportunities, camps provide children with much needed summer socialization opportunities. Our week-long camps bring campers together from many different backgrounds and contexts removed from expectations set by their usual peers. This unique environment provides young people with the opportunity to expand their conception of their selves and how they interact with one another.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, follow the link below to our application.

Applications are due by Wednesday, November 22, 2023, by 5:00pm. Applicants will receive word of their status by Tuesday, November 28.

Museum of Life and Science Summer Camp Scholarship Application 2024

Solicitud de beca para el Campamento de Verano del Museo de Vida y Ciencia 2024

Because the demand for camp is high, applying for a scholarship does not guarantee a scholarship award or a spot in camp.