Architects in Training

3rd – 5th grade | DURHAM

Have a young architect in the family? We’ll take inspiration from the Great Pyramids, modern marvels, and our local skyline to plan and construct a miniature urban cityscape. Transform your ideas from sketches into scale models, experiment with earth materials to test for strength and durability, then pit your structures against the destructive forces of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Will their structure stand up to the test?  

Architects in Training


June 17 — 21
July 1 — 5
July 15 — 19


Camp Tuition (General Public): $355
Camp Tuition (Member):

Beforecare (8 – 8:30 am): $20/week
Aftercare (3 – 5 pm): $45/week
Lunch: $50/week