What happened to Camps@Home?

After careful consideration, we are sorry yet encouraged to announce that the Museum will not offer the Camps@Home program this year.

We are encouraged because we created this program to offer something akin to our in-person camp experience when such experiences simply were not possible. Our Camps@Home program was an excellent way for children who could not attend our camps to meet new people, have fun, and learn engaging scientific concepts while staying in the safety of their homes. As the outlook for the pandemic continues to improve, more and more families are looking to return to life more similar to a pre-pandemic world.

We recognize, however, that not everyone can make this switch yet, and we are sorry that we cannot provide this same resource for those families again this summer. However, we are focusing all our resources, energy, and attention on our in-person programs. We want to create fun, safe, and engaging experiences for kids across the Triangle. We’re committed to providing the best possible in-person camp and learning experiences this summer.

If you are looking for great virtual programming from the Museum, we’d like to suggest checking out our live Lab@Home programming every Tuesday and check out our previous Lab@Home replays. These programs provide fun experiments you can do at home and live streaming sessions with our facilitators.

We can also highly recommend our Virtual Birthday Parties as a great way to bring the Museum into your home.



Thank you for your support,

The Summer Camp Team