Junior Paleontologists

1st – 2nd Grade | CHAPEL HILL

Prepare for an expedition! Grab your brush and trowel and find out if you have what it takes to become a Junior Paleontologist. Set up a dig site, make casts of fossils, model an asteroid impact, and measure your favorite dinosaurs. Asteroids and amber, Pangea and Parasaurolophus – we’ll cover it all in our journey to becoming Junior Paleontologists!

kid smiles at camera, in background a dinosaur statue


June 19 – 23
July 3 – 7
July 17 – 21
July 31 – Aug 4


Camp Tuition (General Public): $355
Camp Tuition (Member):

Beforecare (8 – 9 am): $20/week
Aftercare (3 – 5:30 pm): $45/week