Camps@Home 2021

We are excited to announce our revised and updated Camps@Home programs! These online camps provide the opportunity for learning, discovery, and community through a digital platform. Our year-round Museum staff have created 11 programs that deliver fun, educational, project-based activities for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Camps@Home programs take place over a daily 2-hour call during which our Educators will guide campers through activities, facilitate virtual team building games, and provide background knowledge on the week’s topic. Each day we’ll take time to play, experiment, and learn together.


Registration Dates

Supporting Members: January 19, 2021

Explorer Members: January 21, 2021

General Public: January 28, 2021


Camps@Home Prices

Members: $150/week

Non-Members: $180/week


Camps@Home Hours

Session A: 9:00 – 11:00 am

Session B: 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Camp Sessions


Mini Engineers 
Tinker, make, imagine! You’ll be amazed at the things your Mini Engineer can do as we inspire their creative problem-solving skills. Join us for a week of engineering as we explore paper crafts, shapes and structures, creating mini puppets, and more!  

Let’s Create 
Join us as we use science and art to explore the world all around us. We’ll spend some time each week learning about different types of art and the science that makes it possible. We’ll learn about color theory, make color wheels, sculpt with crayons and clay, and create unique textured mosaics. Some days might get messy (mud painting!), but they’re all sure to be fun!  


1st & 2nd Grades 

Junior Animators 
Join us for a week of creating animations and stories using Scratch Jr. We will spend the week learning programming skills to create animations using character sprites, sounds, animated movements, and more. We’ll create animated habitats and end the week by creating unique characters and stories using Scratch Jr.! 

Artist’s Laboratory 
Spend the week with other young artists and scientists as we explore the connection between art and science. Throughout the week, we will tackle projects that allow us to enjoy both the process of creating art and the final product. We will learn how to extract pigments from natural materials, use math skills to create mosaics and mandalas, and experiment with a variety of printmaking techniques. Join us for this week of hands-on experiments and creations! 

Tinker Explorers 
Are you ready to become an Engineer? Spend a week tinkering and exploring the different types of engineering! We will use our imaginations to tinker with materials and designs in our quest to become engineers! We will learn how to work with different materials to create structures, paper circuits, and miniature parachutes!   



Minecraft Masters
Minecraft enthusiasts: are you ready to build, battle, and discover a whole new side of the Minecraft universe? Each day we will take on a new challenge as we learn to explore, build, survive, and investigate together using Minecraft: Education Edition. In the end, we will collaborate to create our own in-game Museum of Life and Minecraft! 

Innovative Inventors 
Innovative inventors will spend the week learning how to use various materials to engineer new creations! As we explore different materials, we will learn how to create paper circuits, modeling clay structures, cardboard creations, and more!  

Mystery at the Museum 
Something BIG has gone missing at the Museum… can you help us crack the case? Using real forensic methods like fingerprint dusting, chromatography, and DNA extraction, learners will examine the evidence and make hypotheses in their investigative journals. Join us as we examine clues, solve puzzles, and unravel this mystery together!  



Minecraft experts, get ready for some building and coding adventures using Minecraft: Education Edition! We’ll dig into the code behind the game to manipulate the Minecraft universe. We’ll use Microsoft’s MakeCode block-based programming software to code and create a whole new in-game experience! Recommended for campers with experience playing Minecraft. 

Science of Sleuthing 
There’s a mystery afoot at the Museum! Put your enquiring mind to the test and join in the investigation as we use real forensic methods to crack the case. We will collect biometric evidence, from dental impressions to DNA, and analyze chemical clues to solve a week-long puzzle!  

Tinker, Maker, Engineer 
In the Tinker, Maker, Engineer camp, we will become engineers to create contraptions. Learners can explore different building materials, battery-powered circuits, and cardboard creations and will use those skills to create movable creations!  

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